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Sergei V. Kruskop
Крускоп Сергей Вадимович

Born in Moscow on February, 13, 1972
Graduated from Biological and Chemical faculty of Moscow pedagogical state university in 1994 г.
Employment: Zoological museum of Moscow state university (ZMMU), Theriological section (senior research associate, since 2009 - head of the Section).
Address: Ul. Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 6, 125009 Moscow, Russia. Tel.: +7 (495) 629-4860 Phax: +7 (495) 629-4825

PhD thesis was defended in 1998 ("Eco-morphological diversity of plain-nosed bats (Vespertilionidae, Chiroptera)").
Member of the All-Russian theriological society since 1995. Scientific interests — faunistic of bats and other small mammals, systematic and community structure in bats. In last ten years the main current of work was the investigation of ecomorphological diversity of the plain-nosed bats (Vespertilionidae, Chiroptera) and thier role in the Old World bat assemblages. In the present moment the taxonomical works may be considered as of the greatest interest, concerning problematic groups of Vespertilionid bats, such as "mystacinus", "siligorensis" and "daubentonii" species groups of the genus Myotis.
Sergei Kruskop took part in scientific voyages and expeditions to various parts of Russia and also to Ethiopia, Nepal and Vietnam. The results of these trips — voucher specimens (predominantly preserving in ZMMU), ecological observations, new faunistic records and descriptions of the new species of bats.
Besides the scientific work, Sergei Kruskop provides certain popular scientific activity, delivering public lectures. Also, he made scientifically reliable illustrations for popular books, published in Moscow publishing houses "Onyx" and "Astrel".

New bat taxa, described by S. Kruskop:
Myotis mystacinus mongolicus Kruskop & Borissenko, 1996
Plecotus balensis Kruskop & Lavrenchenko, 2000
Myotis annamiticus Kruskop & Tsytsulina, 2001
Murina ussuriensis katerinae Kruskop, 2005
Murina harpioloides Kruskop & Eger, 2008
Myotis phanluongi Borisenko, Kruskop & Ivanova, 2008
Myotis badius Tiunov, Kruskop & Jiang Feng, 2011
Myotis annatessae Kruskop, Borisenko, 2013

Myotis ancricola Kruskop, Borisenko, Dudorova, Artyushin, 2018

Number of publications (excepting abstracts of conferences) - about 85.
Major publications:

  • Pavlinov I.Ja., Borissenko A.V., Kruskop S.V., Yakhontov E.L. 1995. [Mammals of Eurasia]. II. Non-Rodentia. A taxonomic and geographical reference. Sbornik Trudov Zoologicheskogo Museia MGU. Vol. 33. O. L. Rossolimo, ed. Moscow. Izdatel'stvo MGU. 333 p. [in Russian]
  • Kruskop S.V. 2000. [Mammals of Moscow region.] Identification manual. Moscow, MCSAN, 172 pp. [in Russian]
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