Annual report, issue 1

The Fauna and Abundance of European Russia Birds. Annual report on the Programme «Birds of Moscow City and the Moscow Region», vol. 1. O.V. Voltzit, M.V. Kalyakin (Ed.). — Moscow: «FitonXXI» Publ., 2013. — 1076 p.

This e-book is an outcome of the project «Atlas of Breeding Birds of European Russia» and includes data collected by the project participants in 2013 and the previous years. The preface describes project purposes and the methodology employed and gives a complete list of the names of observers, helpers and sponsors. The body of the book includes 286 reports made for 279 squares of the 50 × 50 km grid. Also provided are lists of breeding, probably breeding and possibly breeding bird species as well as data on their status and estimation of the abundance (if possible). The second part of the book contains reports of the project participants on the monitoring of bird abundance.

Foreword        33XVG3 - 37UDV4      37UER2 - 38UPE2      38UPE3 - 39UWB3        39UXA1 - 42WVV1     Results of monitoring