Anatole Petrovich Bogdanov (1834–1896)


One of the most famous Russian zoologists and anthropologists of the 2d part of 19th century, a scholar of K. Roullier.

A.P. Bogdanov was born in a village in Voronezhskaya Government, graduated from Department of Natural Sciences of Moscow University in 1855. After having completed master's thesis, he continued education in several natural history museums in Europe where he attended lectures of Geoffroy de Saint Hilaire , Dumerille, Blanchard etc. He became post-graduated at the above Department after having back in 1858, and initiated establishing the Department of Zoology of Moscow University in 1861, which he headed. He became also director of Zoological Museum in 1863 and remained in this position till his death. He prepared and translated several textbooks in zoology during first half of 1860s and became more interested in anthropology in later years.

Bogdanov was a successful organizer in science. Due to his efforts, several important institutions were established, namely Politech Museum, Zoological Garden, as well as several societies, especially the one of amateurs in natural history, anthropology and ethnography. The latter Society, unlike Moscow Society of Naturalists, was open to all interested persons and served as an important source of financial support of the Museum activities.