Karl Ivanovich Renar (1809–1886)


K. Renar was born in Mainz; he was a nephew of G.I. Fisher. Educated in Hessian and Heidelberg Universities, won Doctor Of Medicine degree in 1832. After suggestion of G.I. Fisher, moved to Russia in 1834 where worked first as practical physician and then as museum curator at the Medical-Surgeon Academy under supervision of K. Roullier. The latter, when moved to Moscow University to become the head of the Natural History Department and Museum, took Renar with himself and made him assistant at the Museum. After death of K. Roullier in 1858, Renar took his position of director of the Museum, but not of head of Natural History Department because he had no professor title. Due to this, he was unable to prevent moving of the Museum collection to a newly established Popular Museum in Moscow in 1860. Had to resign from the University Museum in 1862.

K. Renar was very active member of the Moscow Society of Naturalists, became its Vice-President in 1872. He was in charge of all correspondence of the Society, of books and collections exchanges, edited the Bulletin, etc. The above Society was sometimes called a “Renar Society” because of that.