Lev Aleksandrovich Zenkevich (1889–1970)


Born in Astrakhan Government in a physician's family. Graduated from Moscow University as a lawyer in 1912 and as a zoologist in 1916, remained at the Museum as an assistant. Prof. I.I. Mesyatsev's disciple, participated under his patronage in many expeditions, including those to Baikal Lake. Specialized as invertebrate morphologist, with the polychaets having been his favorite group. Participated together with Kozhevnikov in organization of the Floater Biological Institute (1920) at which was working in 1921-1930. Also was working at the Research Institute of Zoology of Moscow University since 1925, acted as the Museum director for a short time when it was allocated to that Institute in 1930. Initiated organization of Department of Invertebrate Zoology at Biological Faculty of Moscow University and was its first Chair. Also worked at the Institute of Oceanology, headed several marine expeditions. Corresponding member of the USSR Acad. Sci. (since 1953).