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The mammal fauna of Cat Ba Island, northern Vietnam
Abramov A.V., Kruskop S.V.
P. 57-72
Cat Ba Island is one of largest islands of Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam. The island harbors a unique mammal fauna, however, still very few thorough mammal surveys have been conducted in Cat Ba. We provided a checklist of the mammalian fauna of Cat Ba on the base of small mammal survey (October 2011) and a comparative analysis of the available literature. In total, the mammal fauna of Cat Ba Island includes 46 species belonging to six orders, 16 families, and 31 genera. Two species (Tupaia belangeri and Crocidura attenuata) were documented for the first time on Cat Ba Island. Bat fauna includes up to 29 species, a considerable portion of which are specific inhabitants of karst areas of northern Vietnam and southern China. Confirmed occurrence of Hipposideros khaokhouaensis suggests faunal connections even with central Laos. Taxonomic position and relations of some Cat Ba Rhinolophus and Hipposideros require revision. On the whole, Cat Ba fauna should be treated as relic faunal complex existing due to local peculiarities of the landscape and vegetation.

DOI: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.11.1.05


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