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Valid name for the Pratt’s leaf-nosed bat, Hipposideros pratti (Hipposideridae, Chiroptera, Mammalia)
Kruskop S.V.
P. 105-108
Leaf-nosed bat Phyllorhina swinhoei described by Peters in 1871 from the South-East China was traditionally treated as a synonym of Hipposideros armiger. The only exception was represented by short publication of Pohle, published in 1943, where he mentioned that the Ph. swinhoei type actually belongs to H. pratti — point of view not accepted by the later authors. Studying collections of the Berlin Zoological Museum, I have found that three specimens from the Ph. swinhoei type series belong to H. armiger, while two other, including the holotype, to H. pratti. Since the Peters’ name is older, the species should be named H. swinhoei (Peters, 1871), and the whole species group should be renamed respectively.

DOI: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.13.2.06


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