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Equus (Sussemionus) ovodovi Eisenmann et Vasiliev, 2011 from the Late Pleistocene of Western Siberia
Plasteeva N.A., Vasiliev S.K., Kosintsev P.A.
P. 187-200
Small equid remains are frequent in the Late Pleistocene deposits in the southern part of Western Siberia. Re-examination of fossil material previously attributed to E. hydruntinus or E. hemionus revealed its attribution to E. ovodovi. Morphologically it is characterized by slender third metapodials, short protocone on the upper teeth, V-shaped lingual valley, and occurrence of isolated stylids on the lower teeth. In Late Pleistocene E. ovodovi was widespread in the southern part of Western Siberia. Its remains are reported from Priobskoye Plateau, Altai, and Kuznetsk Alatau. To the east the range reached at least the Yenisei River. Radiocarbon dates suggest E. ovodovi inhabited the area until the end of the Kargin interstadial (MIS 3).

DOI: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.14.2.07


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