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Definition of the type material of several nominal taxa of pikas (Lagomorpha: Ochotonidae) from alpina-hyperborea group.
Lissovsky A.A., Baranova G.I., Ivanitskaya E.Yu.
P. 125-128
The original descriptions of nominal taxa of pikas of alpina-hyperborea group, described by Schrenk (1858) and Sokolov et al. (1994), so as museum collections were studied. The storing places and the collection numbers of the type series of Lagomys hyperboreus normalis Schrenk, 1858, Lagomys hyperboreus cinereoflava Schrenk, 1858 are indicated; the lectotypes of the taxa Lagomys hyperboreus ferruginea Schrenk, 1858, Ochotona hyperborea davanica Sokolov etal., 1994, Ochotona hyperborea stenorostrae Sokolov et al., 1994 and Ochotona hyperborea shamani Sokolov et al., 1994 are fixed. Some localities are defined more accurately.

DOI: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.2.2.07


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