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The fossil shrew Cretasorex arkhangelskyi Nessov et Gureev, 1981 from Uzbekistan — the systematic position among Soricidae, taxonomic status and geological age.
Lopatin A.V., Tesakov A.S.
P. 5-8
Cretasorex arkhangelskyi Nessov et Gureev, 1981 was described from the Upper Cretaceous of Uzbekistan as the earliest member of Soricidae. Later, it was reevaluated as the Late Cenozoic soricid. The reexamination of the holotype demonstrates the reference of this soricid to the tribe Soricini, and, more specifically, the group of Sorex s.l. Indirectly it suggests an age not older than Late Miocene. The separate generic rank is possible for this form.

DOI: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.3.1.02


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