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An amphilestid-grade eutriconodontan from the Middle Jurassic of Russia
Averianov A.O., Lopatin A.V., Krasnolutskii S.A.
P. 1-4
An isolated upper molariform tooth from the Middle Jurassic Itat Formation at Berezovsk Quarry, Krasnoyarsk Territory, West Siberia, Russia, is identified as Eutriconodonta indet. By low angulation of the main cusps, reduction of the labial cingulum, and interrupted lingual cingulum it is similar with anterior upper molariform teeth (M1-2) of Gobiconodontidae. This taxon may belong to the oldest gobiconodontid which have not been reported previously from the Jurassic.

DOI: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.7.1.01


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