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Far-Eastern grey voles (Rodentia: Cricetidae: Alexandromys) from Bolshoi Shantar Island
Dokuchaev N.E.
P. 65-70
Ognev (1929) assigned grey voles from Bolshoi Shantar Island to the root vole, separating them in a subspecies Microtus (= Alexandromys) oeconomus shantaricus Ognev, 1929. However, the shape of first lower molar anterior cup does not allow attributing of these specimens to root vole. Among Far-Eastern grey voles inhabiting the neighboring mainland, Gromov’s vole (Alexandromys gromovi Vorontsov et al., 1988) is listed. The attribution of the voles from Shantar Island to the latter species is confirmed by the similarity in fur coloration, exterior, occlusal surface pattern of m1, and geographic proximity. The final conclusion could be made after the molecular analysis of the Far-Eastern grey voles from Bolshoi Shantar Island and mainland. In the event of their identity according to the priority rule, both should get the name Alexandromys shantaricus (Ognev, 1929), and A. gromovi should be considered as a junior synonym of the latter.

DOI: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.13.2.02


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