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Species of genus Martes in the Southern Urals and Trans-Urals during the Holocene
Kisagulov A.V., Kosintsev P.A., Gimranov D.O.
P. 139-148
The study of the morphotypes of the crowns of the buccal teeth of three species of the genus Martes made it possible to trace the formation of modern ranges of pine marten M. martes, stone marten M. foina and sable M. zibellina during the second half of the Holocene. The pine marten range did not undergo any significant changes during the second half of the Holocene and included both Southern Urals and Trans-Urals. In the South Urals in the beginning and middle of the Late Holocene, the ranges of sable, stone marten and pine marten were overlapped. At the end of the late Holocene the sable range was shifted to the north, and the range of stone marten to the south-west, and in 18th century, only the pine marten inhabits the Southern Urals. In the second half of the Holocene until the 18th century, the Southern Trans-Urals were inhabited by only two species of the genus Martes — sable and pine marten, their ranges were sympatric. Modern boundaries of the ranges of sable, stone marten and pine marten in the Southern Urals and in the Southern Trans-Urals have been formed over the last 300 years.

DOI: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.16.2.03


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