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Mammoth calf from Bolshoi Lyakhovskii Island (New Siberian Islands, Arctic Siberia)
Maschenko E.N., Tikhonov A.N., MacPhee R.D.E.
P. 79-88
For the first time, the skull of a mammoth calf of approximately two years is described. This skull comes from Bolshoi Lyakhovskii Island in the New Siberian group, which is the island closest to the mainland. The radiocarbon date of this find, 24,700±170 yrbp (not corrected 13C), places the specimen just before the last glacial maximum in Siberia and suggests the absence of oceanic glaciation in this area. The finite date record for mammoths in the New Siberian Islands is compared to that for the immediately adjacent mainland (lower Lena River/Lena Delta region).

DOI: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.4.1.06


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