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Towards the taxonomy of the Russian Murina (Vespertilionidae, Chiroptera)
Kruskop S.V.
P. 91-99
Specimens of the tube-nosed bats genus Murina, deposed in scientific collections of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Geneva were examined. Certain differences, mostly based on cranial measurements, were found between larger tube-nosed bats from Siberia and Far East, which give possibility to assign a subspecies rank to these forms. Valid name for the tube-nosed bats from Far East will be ognevi Bianchi, 1916, and for Siberian — sibirica Kastschenko, 1905. As the type of sibirica is absent in the residence mentioned in the original description and was not referred in scientific literature since the Kastschenko’s publication, its neotype is designated here. Larger tube-nosed bats from Siberia and Far East are suggested to be treated as subspecies of Murina hilgendorfi; however the final elucidation of their relationships needs usage of the molecular analysis data. Lesser tube-nosed bats, Murina ussuriensis, are also represented in the Russian territory by the two forms. Bats from Sakhalin differ from mainland specimens and are describing here as a distinct subspecies. However interrelations between this form and lesser tube-nosed bats from Japan, as well as status of different Japanese populations, need further clarification.

DOI: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.4.2.01


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