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Taxonomy and distribution of the pikas (Ochotona, Lagomorpha) of alpina-hyperborea group in North-East China and adjacent territories
Lissovsky A.A., Yang Q., Pil’nikov A.E.
P. 5-16
Pikas from Manchurian region were studied using craniometric, bioacoustical, and genetic features. The study revealed that southeast Transbaikalia and northern Manchuria are inhabited by only one taxon of the species level — Ochotona mantchurica Thomas, 1909. The name cinereofusca should be allocated to a form of O. hyperborea from the left bank of Shilka River. The taxon coreana does not belong either to O. mantchurica or O. hyperborea, and, probably, should be recognized as a separate species O. coreana Allen & Andrews, 1913.

DOI: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.7.1.02


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