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Chromosomal forms of Microtus maximowiczii (Schrenck, 1859) (Rodentia, Cricetidae): variability in 2n and NF in different geographic regions
Kartavtseva I.V., Sheremetyeva I.N., Korobitsina K.V., Nemkova G.A., Konovalova E.V., Korablev V.V., Voyta L.L.
P. 89-97
Analysis of the chromosomal characteristics of the Maximowicz’s vole Microtus maximowiczii (242 specimens) from Transbaikalia, Russian Far East, and Mongolia, including new data from 12 local populations, supplemented information about chromosomal polymorphism of the species (2n=36–44; NF=52–62). We describe chromosomal data for the populations which have not been investigated previously, reveal a fixation of the chromosomal reconstructions in the various geographical regions and describe for the first time the population with stabilized karyotype (2n=42) in the Chita Region. The revision of the chromosomal characteristics has been done, that resulted in suggestion to consider five forms in the species composition, three of which (C, D and I) are established herein. Perhaps M. m. gromovi exemplified by the chromosome form I should be considered as an independent species. The chromosomal forms differ not only in 2n and NF, but also in number of the biarmed and acrocentric chromosomes.

DOI: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.7.2.05


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