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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Plecotus Gray, 1821
COMMON NAMES: Long-eared bats
SYNONYMS: Macrotus Leach, 1816 non Gray, 1843, nom. nud.
DIMENSIONS: Body mass 5-20 g, head & body 45-70 mm, tail 35-55 mm, forearm 35-52 mm, wing span 26-33 cm.
DESCRIPTION: Genus of the vespertilionid bats, includes from 7 to 19 species.
DISTRIBUTION: From subarctic forests of Europe and Siberia south to Canary Islands, NE Africa, the Himalayas and China including Taivan.

At least three species occur in Russia and neighbouring countries:
Brown long-eared bat - P. auritus
Grey long-eared bat - P. austriacus
Alpine long-eared bats - P. macrobullaris