Section of Entomology

Section of Entomology was established as a separate museum unit in 1932. Its staff includes experts in entomology studying insects. The main objective of the sector and its employees is completion and storage of entomological collections. The staff members specialize on various groups of insects, they curate particular insect taxa, as well as conduct research on them, mainly on the taxonomy, zoogeography and faunistics.

In the sector kept 4,000,000 specimens. Number of nomenclatorial types: taxa/specimens 854/?, number of entries in electronic databases 3 860 (Diptera).

Section of Entomologyis located on the first floor of the museum. Its collections on butterflies and beetles are located at the end of the museum building along the Bolshaya Nikitskaya Str., in the room n. 51 (pass through the Upper Hall).

When planning to visit the sector, it is advised to phone to the staff by phone 629-48-73, 629-44-25, 629-40-09.