The Section staff


Dr. Ekaterina D. Vasilieva, DrS

Chief of the Sector, leading researcher, curator of ichthyology.

Phone 629-49-06.

Honorary  member of the International Cobitid Society (Germany), member of the Commission of the Russian Red Data Book, member of the Academic Council of the Higher Attestation Commission. Conducted numerous field studies in European Russia, Transcaucasia.

Conducts researches in taxonomy and variation of the fresh-water fishes (particularly members of the families Cobitidae, Gobiidae, Cyprinidae) of Russia and adjacent regions, in inheritance of morphological traits under natural and induced unisexual reproduction in fishes, in morphological divergence of close diploid and polyploid species and origin of polyploid species in Cobitidae, Acipenseridae.

List of publications


Dr. Inna A. Verigina, PhD

Collection manager.

Phone 629-49-06.

Member of Editorial Board of the Russian journal “Journal of Ichthyology”. Participated in field trips to Far East, Astrakhan Reserve, Sevan Lake.


Dr. Yuri N. Shcherbachev, DrS

A part-time curatot of the deep-water gadiform and ophidioform fishes.