Section of Invertebrate Zoology

Section ofInvertebrate Zoology was established as a separate museum unit in 1932. Its main objective is completion, storage and processing of collections on various groups of invertebrates and carrying out, on their basis, comprehensive fundamental research in systematics, functional morphology, zoogeography, and phylogeny. The sector keeps more than half of the diversity of phyla and classes of the invertebrate animals, though with different completeness.

The section is located on the ground floor of the museum. Collection of mollusks is stored in the room by the entrance to the Lower Hall and in the room n. 12 (the corridor leading to the library). The rest of the collection are kept in a ground floor room n. 16 (pass through the Upper Hall).

In the sector kept 1,500,000 specimens. Arachnoids 200,000, Gastropoda 150,000, Bivalvia 5,000, Ticks 16,000, Myriapoda 73,000, Echinodermata 22,000. Number of nomenclatorial types: taxa/specimens: Arachnoids 600/?, Gastropoda 300/?, Bivalvia 50/?, Ticks ?/1500, Myriapoda ?/30, Echinodermata ?/50. Number of entries in electronic databases: Invertebrates (total ) - 210,000, Gastropoda 40,000, Bivalvia 3000, Ticks 7500, Myriapoda 700, Echinodermata 1500 .

When planning to visit the sector, the visitor should contact in advance to the staff by phone 629-48-42 (mollusks collections), 629-59-82 (ticks collection), 692-44-25 (collections of other invertebrates).