The Section staff


Dr. Sergei V. Kruskop, PhD

Chief of the Section, senior researcher, curator of birds, insectivores and several “exotic” groups.


Expert in biology and taxonomy of chiropterans; popularizes zoological science. Member of the All-Russian Theriological Society, member of the Bats Study Group and administrator of the latter’s internet site, member of the Advisory panel on European Bat List, member of the Editorial Board of the journal  “Plecotus et al.”, member of the Editorial Board of the journal “Acta Chiropterologica”.

Participated in field studies in various regions of Russia (European part, Caucasus, Transbaikalia, Far East), Crimea, Belarus, as well as in Ethiopia, Vietnam, Nepal.

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Dr. Igor Ya. Pavlinov, DrS

Leading researcher, curator of some parts of collections.

Phone 629-49-12, e-mail:

Member of the Central Council of the All-Russian Theriological Society, member of the Editorial Board of Zoological Museum.

Basic research interests are in taxonomy of some rodent families (Muridae, Cricetidae), in theoretical issues in phylogenetics, taxonomy, in methodological issues in morphometrics; popularizes biological science.

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Dr. Vladimir S. Lebedev

Researcher, curator of myomorph rodents.

Phone 629-49-30.

Member of the All-Russian Theriological Society. Expert in molecular phylogenetics. Studies taxonomy and phylogeny of myomorph rodents (especially Cricetinae) and insectivores.

Participated in numerous expeditions to arid regions of Palaearctic.


Dr. Olga G. Nanova, PhD

Researcher, curator of carnivores and non-myomorph rodents.

Phone: 8 (495) 629-48-60, e-mail:

Primary research interest lies in the field of evolutionary morphology of mammals. Investigation of interaction between morphological disparity and modularity (of skull and teeth) and historical, ecological and ontogenetic factors. Advanced methods of morphometry and computer modelling (finite element modelling). Research interests ivolve phylogeography of mammals (Carnivora and Rodentia) as well.

- Historical and ecological determinants in tooth integration of extant and fossil Carnivores (Feliformia)
- Cranial biomechanics of Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) using finite element modelling: comparison between mainland and island populations
- Phylogeography of the midday jird Meriones meridianus (Rodentia: Muridae) complex: morphological and genetic variation

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Dr. Natalia N. Spasskaya, PhD

Secretary for Research of the Museum.

Curates ungulate collection.

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