Insect collections

This collection is one of the world's largest collections of Palaearctic insects and the second largest in Russia (after that of Zoological Institute of RAS). It includes nearly 4 million specimens of insects. Well presented are also some groups of non-Palearctic regions, particularly of SE Asia (Vietnam), S America (Brazil, Peru), and Australia.

Principal sources of insect collections are expeditions of the members of the Section, faunistic materials brought by students of universities and colleges or by staff members of other institutions. Many valuable materials are obtained due to exchanges with other museums. Private collectors and donators constitute the last but not least source to be indicated.

Materials of the entomological collections are represented by the following storage forms. Most numerous are standard dried specimens individually fixed on the pins, each provided with an individual label. The next are also dried specimens stored on the “cotton beds”, each “bed” with its own label common for all specimens in it. There are also preparations of extremely small insects on special glasses, each specimen with its label. At last, there are “wet” insects conserved and preserved in 75 per cent alcohol.

The standard “Book of entries” serves for primary registration of the materials coming to the Section from various sources. Collecting locality and date, collector(s) name(s) and other information is written down for each entry (the entire collection, sample of “cotton beds”) from the same locality or from one donator.

Collections are supervised by respective curators who are in charge of their safety, new acquisitions, and access to collections of other specialists, students and others. When planning to visit the Section, please make calls to respective curators by phones:

Lepidopteran curator: 629-48-73, 629-48-73,

Coleopteran curator: 629-48-73,

Himenopteran curator: 629-44-25,

Dipteran curator: 629-40-09, 629-44-25,

Other orders in general: 629-44-25