For public visitors

The museum conducts more than 1,700 excursions annually, which are provided by skilful guides or even by research staff. The museum exhibition is so extensive that it can not be observed carefully at once, therefore it is better to visit it several times to gain new an new knowledge, especially with assistance of our guides. The excursions are diverse by their topics, they are designed basically for schoolchildren, though there are also themes designed for graduates, preschool children, and for all people interested in zoology and in learning something special about Earth inhabitants. When booking particular excursions, visitors can agree in advance their subject and also certain aspects they need. One can even arrange excursions on the themes, which do not appear in the list below.

You can consult this site about excursion topics and conditions of their order. Please note that the end of May and the summer months are not so much loaded as the rest of the year, while the school holidays, on the contrary, are most loaded.

Duration of the excursions is normally about 45 minutes.

Excursions can be ordered distantly by phone (495) 629-39-48 or directly in the Excursions Office located on the first floor of the museum, room n. 16, within working days (Monday to Friday).

Excursion prices are as following:

for schoolchildren groups (20 children and 2 accompanying adults) — 2,000 rbs;

for adult groups (20 persons) — 5,000 rbs;

for small family groups and individuals — 1,500 rbs.