The Circle of Young Naturalists

The Circle of Young Naturalists of Zoological Museum is working on the basis of original program of its head, Evgeny Dunaev. It designed to train schoolchildren and graduates. Total annual membership of the study group is 30-40 people. The program has been operating since 1982 and has been tested in several associations of additional education in Moscow.

The aim of the program is to conduct theoretical and practical trainings, and research practices. Annually, there are three practices in the Moscow Region and one or two in other nature zones: in the forests in N Karelia, in the subtropical mountain Crimea and in the deserts of Astrakhan. There the students perform teaching and research field work, study biodiversity and habitat conditions of fungi, plants and animals. During 10 years of these practices, 45 of were conducted in which more than 500 students in total participated.

Activity of the Circles is reflected in details on its web-site.