A Unique Scientific Facility
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    A Unique Scientific Facility “Research Collection Pool of the Zoological Museum at Moscow State University”

    Registrar number—669771

    General Information

    The Zoological Museum at Moscow State University (founded in 1791) is the oldest university museum in Russia, it ranks second in Russia in respect to its research collections and is one of the twenty largest zoological museum in the world. Its research collection pool contains about 10 million specimens, including those of rare and poorly studied species, specimens from the remote and hard-to-reach regions of Russia and the world. The research collection pool of the Zoological Museum serves as a base for performing fundamental and applied research in systematics, morphology, geography, and ecology of animals.

    List of equipment and its main characteristics 

    The main goal of the research collections of the Zoological Museum at Moscow State University is to adequately represent the species diversity of animals of the world fauna, with primary emphasis on the Palearctic zoogeographic region. The collections contain gatherings from the expeditions of the 19th century by G.I. Langsdorf, N.A. Severtsov, N.M. Przhewalsky, A.P. Fedchenko, V.I. Roborovsky, etc.; large serial collections of the 20th century from different regions of Eurasia and North Africa, long-term monitoring collections, etc. Of special significance is the type collection with about 9,000 specimens. The museum collections are being permanently completed due to the expeditionary work of the museum staff, as well as researches of the institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, higher school institutions, private collectors, and donors. A more detailed description of the collections is given elsewhere on the website of the Zoological Museum (Collections).

    The Zoological Museum has measuring, optical, and photographic equipment necessary for the conducting the relevant research. There is a laboratory for DNA extraction from older museum specimens.

    List of the standard services provided

    The research collection pool of the Zoological Museum at Moscow State University serves for research and educational purposes.

    The facility "Research Collection Pool of the Zoological Museum at Moscow State University" performs works and provides services in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation both on a contractual and other paid basis, and on a grant and free-of-charge basis in the cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, regulatory documents of ministries and departments.

    The principal areas of research activity:

    • systematics and taxonomy of animals;
    • fauna of particular regions and zoogeography;
    • evolutionary morphology, phylogeny, and classification of all major animal groups;
    • study of biological diversity and methodological foundations of its conservation and reconstruction.

    List of techniques in use

    The relevant research methods should be adequate to the research objectives, and they should not lead to significant damage or complete loss of the museum specimens.

    Contact information

    Head of the facility: Mikhail Vladimirovich Kalyakin, Director of the Museum, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Phone: +7 (495) 629-49-08

    e-mail: kalyakin@zmmu.msu.ru

    Postage address: Bolshaya Nikitskaya str., 2, 125009 Moscow, Russia.