Atlas of Birds of the Moscow Region
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    Atlas of Birds of the Moscow Region

    One of the important components of our project “Birds of Moscow and the Moscow Region” has been and remains completing and publishing atlases of the distribution of birds in the Moscow Region. Publication of the first atlas “Birds of Moscow and the Moscow Region” became a notable stage of the Program's activities and led to the implementation of a project to create a detailed (“square-by-square”) “Atlas of birds of Moscow”. The gathering of raw data for this book has been completed by Moscow ornithologists and bird watchers in 2011, and the atlas was published in 2014. The next became the creation of the “Atlas of Breeding  Birds of the European part of Russia”, which was published in 2020.

    Against this success, distribution of birds in the Moscow Region remains surprisingly understudied. We have learned a lot about the birds of the Moscow Region during 20 years of the implementation of our project, but it turns out that there are still quite a lot of white spots on the map of their distributions.

    To elaborate the detailed maps of the distribution of birds on the territory of the region of our interest, it is necessary to conduct a more or less even survey of the entire area. This task can be achieved by dividing the studied territory into squares and then exploring each of them. The data gathering for the atlas is usually carried out in the shortest possible time, which allows to compile a picture of real current distribution of birds. With completing such atlas, we can confidently consider which bird species in which localities need protection, and also get a base for a further monitoring of the changes in their faunal composition, distribution, and abundance.

    The dimensions of the squares for the atlas of the Moscow Region, which will include also the territory of Moscow, are 10 x 10 km. This is a common standard for European countries whose sizes are comparable to the size of the Moscow Region. Thus, we need to examine approximately 480 squares and to compile the lists of bird species for them, determining the character of their occurrence (possible, probable or confirmed breeding, migrating, wintering, vagrant) and roughly estimating their abundances in each square.

    The project implementation period: 2014–2023

    An interactive map with the outlined squares can be viewed here

    The table with constantly updated statistics for the squares is here

    This large-scale project can be implemented only with the active participation of many bird watchers, whose contributions are important and necessary. Join us to become co-authors of a unique edition, as there have been no regional bird atlases in Russia so far!

    The data gathering for the atlas is carried out mainly through the online registration system, and in addition, you can send your data to the project coordinators (Dr. Mikhail Kalyakin,, Dr. Olga Voltzit, You are welcome to send your applications and suggestions to us. We will keep you informed about the progress of our project and the level of the scrutiny of the entire Region.

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