Atlas of breeding birds of the European part of Russia
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    Atlas of breeding birds of the European part of Russia

    The project to create the atlas of breeding birds of the European part of Russia has been completed, the atlas was published in December 2020.

    This book is a result of the joint work of more than 400 ornithologists in our country. The main period of the field work lasted from 2012 to 2018, and the atlas was added with some data obtained since 2005. Surveyed were 1628 of 1842 squares measuring 50 x 50 km. A list of the breeding species has been compiled for each square, their statuses have been determined, and the estimates of their abundance have been provided. Up to 415 breeding bird species have been recorded on the territory of the European part of Russia (ER). For each of them, provided were: a distribution map indicating the status and abundance in each square, a map of breeding range in Europe, and simulated range maps based on the data collected in the squares measuring 10 x 10 km for many species. The species accounts included brief descriptions of distributions of the species worldwide, in Europe, and in ER, the subspecies structure, their biotopic distributions, dynamics of the changes in abundances and ranges, as well as the assessments of the species abundances within the studied area. The published materials reflected the overall avifauna condition throughout the ER in the last 15 years and provided a basis for further monitoring of changes in the distribution and abundance of the breeding bird species.

    Dynamics of the survey of the territory of ER by year (2013-2018)

    The squares with the species lists with their status and estimation of their abundance  completed for the entire territories are painted red; those with the species lists with their status estimated but lacking abundance estimates are painted orange; those with the records on small territories or for some species are painted yellow; those planned for future exploration are painted green.

    During preparation of the atlas, the results of field work in the form of reports for the squares were published in the electronic yearbooks “Fauna and population of birds of European Russia”. The reports were being published as the territory became surveyed, in a chronological order. For ease of viewing, they were grouped by regions when the project got finished. This great work was done by our colleague Peter Humphrey. Descriptions of the squares with the lists of breeding bird species are presented here.