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SCIENTIFIC NAME : Murina ussuriensis Ognev, 1913
COMMON NAME: Ussurian tube-nosed bat
SYNONIMS: katerinae Kruskop, 2005.
SIZE: Body weight ca. 4,5 g, head and body length ca. 36-45 mm, tail length ca. 30-32 mm, forearm length 28-30 mm, wingspan ca. 19-22 cm.
DESCRIPTION: Dorsal pelage coloration grayish to buff-gray with reddish tints; ventral fur yellowish-white. Muzzle relatively pale brown. Dentition less robust, no sagittal crest on skull.
DISTRIBUTION: Restricted to the southern part of Russian Far East, eastern Manchuria, Northern Korea, Sakhalin and Kunashir islands.
NATURAL HISTORY: Inhabits mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forests (predominantly montainuous). Day roosts probably in foliage and under leave laminas of larger grasses. Forages low above the ground inside thick grouth. Natural history poorly known.
STATUS: Rare species confined to restricted area, known by the limited number of records. : EN: A2c

Murina ussuriensis Murina ussuriensis