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Mammals of the Babille Elephant Sanctuary (Eastern Ethiopia)
Lavrenchenko L.A., Kruskop S.V., Bekele A., Belay G., Morozov P.N., Ivlev Y.F., Warshavsky A.A.
P. 47-60
The paper presents the results of a first attempt to document the mammals of the Babille Elephant Sanctuary (Eastern Ethiopia). Four species (Nycteris thebaica, Lavia frons, Mus tenellus, Helogale parvula) were documented for the first time in the Sanctuary, two species (Rhinolophus fumigatus, Mastomys awashensis) were found new for eastern Ethiopia and the presence of another species (Neoromicia zuluensis) was confirmed for the first time within the limits of Ethiopia. Moreover, genetic and chromosomal characteristics of two rodents (Acomys sp. and Gerbilliscus cf. robustus) suggested new undescribed species. In total, according to our current estimate based on original data and previously published literature, the mammal fauna of the Sanctuary includes 59 species belonging to 11 orders, 30 families and 51 genera. The Babille Elephant Sanctuary has significant conservation value due to its high mammal species diversity and complex structure of the fauna including elements with different zoogeographic affinities.

DOI: 10.15298/rusjtheriol.9.2.01


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