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This version of the Russian Bat Research Group web-site was made in the end of 2001. It is facilitated by the the Zoological Museum of Moscow M. V. Lomonosov State University. Most of the editorial work was carried out by Serge Kruskop, with immense technical support from Andrey Lissovsky. Part of the texts and photographs was compiled by Alex Borissenko. Eugenia Kozhurina, Vitaliy Matveev and Katherina Tsytsulina also took part in the preparation of some texts and illustrations.
We hope that this web-page will be useful and "viable" and will improve and expand with the help of all RBRG specialists, our colleagues and all interested persons.


Attention! All unpublished texts or illustration material is placed on the site only with permission from their authors and may be further used in non-commercial purposes, with permission from the respective contributors (when indicated) or the editor of the page and with reference to the RBRG website. All previously published materials are cited here with obligatory reference to the original source.

Any information, comments or questions may be sent to
Serge V. Kruskop
or to
Eugenia I. Kozhurina


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